Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall in New Orleans

My daily costume, complete with crumber (the best part of the job).

Hayden (as Madame Dizzle) and Stevadore (as a time-traveling Raconteur).
I have good friends.

My favorite costumes - Dr. Who and Abbey from NCIS (James McManus and Megan Vonk)

Frenchman Street. Steampunk cell phone. Happy Halloween!

Fall is setting in here. New Orleans experiences weather strangely, like a bouncing ball, and we are getting fewer warm, muggy days and more frequent frigid mornings and cool evenings. But just as I put on a coat predicting a chilly walk - bam, short sleeve weather.

Mary McCay has joined our little family at 931 Nashville these past weeks while on vacation from her teaching in the Netherlands. I was surprised by how little I welcomed this change in routine, but we have quickly become better friends.

Otherwise, my routine is unbroken: Early morning bus or streetcar to Canal St., at Brennans around 7:30, hustle until 2 or so, return home to edit or chores or relax, Rachel Maddow at 8, days end at 10. Tuesday and Thursday I have enjoyed off, with a visit to Monroe or picnics on the Fly.

Halloween is huge in New Orleans, and we observed from the sidelines. Stephen came from Raleigh and slept on the floor (which is surprisingly comfortable). Good adventures were had by all, ending with Ricky Oh! and drinks in Buddig. We picked up our old habits of conversation, his relative conservatism a tonic to my social liberalism, his love of data (tempered and muted) still rubbing against my love of fiction and storytelling. His steampunk, my falling asleep muttering the last incoherent trail of thoughts on life and death.