Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It is warmer in New Orleans...

The view outside Quinn's room

Quinn's super awesome look (long hair!)
(it is night time - the white is reflected snow)

So it is very cold in Southampton. Snowing. Buses suspended, making it hard to get to campus to work on the special graphing and mapping programs. Also, most trains to London suspended, making a family trip from London impossible. In all, a very cold, wet, generally unpleasant January in Southampton. http://www.southamptonweather.co.uk/

But it is looking up! For our five year anniversary we are splitting the plane ticket that brings Quinn to New Orleans! She arrives on January 27, and stays until January 31. A whirlwind trip!

This (second) year of separation has been hard for both of us. Like last year in reverse, it is hard to say that "we are both in the right place for now" or any such general positive truism. But there have been some silver linings - Quinn has been able to work hard, without distractions, and grow independently; I have that 'year in the desert' I was looking for. We have both made, developed, and maintained good friendships, partly in response to missing each other. If nothing else, we have a new sense of scope for unpleasantness, a renewed appreciation of each other, and stories to tell grandchildren. And this, too, will pass.

PS - I am still well, still waiting to reel back a few lines I've put out, and I have a theology appointment this week. Oh, and a haircut, and new shoes!