Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gaming so good

Worth the $15, if even to support good games. Beautiful, well-crafted playing, lovely soundtrack (forwards and backwards), and even a little philosophical. Just watch the video.

(thanks Elliot)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Andy's promised pictures

Hello Everyone! I have the pictures I promised. My transition here has been full of friends and food and fun, although all of that is greatly reduced since I started work last week. So for me these are like good memories, too!

The brats and kraut and Kostriker at Oktoberfest - and Mia!

That's right, Deutsches Haus, we love you.

Return to normlacy via friends, the Fly, and the blue cooler.
That blue cooler is like another friend, itself, sticking with us in good times and bad.

My kitchen! Huge and disorganized.

My bedroom, with Morris print, tea stuff, and Baron Munchausen dvd I just picked up from Big Lots for $3. And that big black thing is my waiter's jacket.

The staircase. The prints decorating the wall are Jazz Fest posters.

Frontal view. Lots of shrubbery. Skelly and Joanna live on the right with their cats.

What a handsome license plate!

We know what my life looks like, now help me pressure Q into posting hers! Best to everyone, and we'll continue to keep you abreast of coolness, even if it is more subdued and routine.


Monday, October 12, 2009

My field, in a nutshell

This quote is from the first chapter of my "tutor's" book. It's weird reading the book of your professor, and realizing that he is like a celebrity and you're hanging out in his office. School is hard - 600 pages of reading for tomorrow, and a whole 700 page book by next Tuesday - but it is still interesting, and my classmates are fantastic.

The quote is about how maritime archaeology is still not taken seriously, by critics or some divers/archaeologists/treasure hunters.


"The result was that to much of the European and
American academic community, ‘underwater
archaeology’ was variously seen as synonymous
with treasure hunting, the lunatic fringe or at
best, a somewhat esoteric pursuit of little interest
to central archaeological research agendas. "
Adams, 2008

"The point has already been made that recording
complex structures and recovering thousands of
objects can appear to be an orgy of particularistic
data collection. But in such circumstances it’s a
little difficult to focus on generalist approaches
if you are up to your neck in the ‘particulars’ of
history. "

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


to Kat and Cody in Leuven for getting all engaged and stuff. Now we have a few couple-y friends, so as soon as we get in the same hemisphere as each other and them, we could go on double-dates. If nothing else they are a type of support for our unusual decision to be young and betrothed.

People we or I know who are roughly our age and are/will probably soon be married:

Kat and Cody (Q doesn't know them well, if at all) (Leuven)
Elliot and Audrey (neither of us are as close to Audrey as we want) (Kansas City)
Megan and Gary (again, Q doesn't know them well) (Massachusetts)
Emily and Grant (does this count?) (St. Louis)
Brian and Rebekah (duh, how lame of me not to put them here for so long) (Ruston?)

So I think it's fair to say that this size and quality of this list (small and low) say a lot about the uniqueness of what we're doing. And that's cool. Have I missed anyone?

Well, congratulations again, Kat and Cody! Rock rock on!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Andy's latest

Hello everyone. The dust has settled in Andyland, temporarily at least. I am renting a room in the McCay house on Nashville near Magazine, which is a very lovely and desirable neighborhood. Since I have also been frequently dressed-up for interviews, I feel like more than an unemployed twenty-something, so if nothing else it is good for mental health. I play Scrabble with Douglas, her aged husband, and I just won my first game with help from the words Quail, Qi, and Ir, two of which I was challenged on, didn't know existed, and still don't know the meaning. So it's a mixed victory, I think. My other house-mate, Alex, is a former Loyola student who I had worked with in the library and media center, and is very good company. Also the basset hounds, Murray and Henrietta, who are stinky but playful.

I have a job now! I am an under-waiter at Brennan's restaurant in the quarter. It is a very popular high-end restaurant, with a rather touristy reputation, which is good news for the wait-staff. My supervisors are competent and genuinely enjoyable people. I start on Tuesday at noon. I am also doing some tutoring, in writing with our old friend Isabelle, Melanie's daughter, who is precocious and imaginative, but rather unrestrained in punctuation and paragraph structure. And I may have just scored a few more gigs via craigslist. I also got my Brennan's interview through CL, so count me as a believer!

It is rather disappointing to not be working in my field. I gave it a good fight, and I am still moving the water, but good opportunities aren't coming until Christmas. I may help Holy Cross College on the Westbank start a new Theology across the Curriculum program as an adjunct professor (and maybe assistant director?). That is a position worth patience. And I might use whatever quiet time I have to write, which has been a goal these last few months, so I can stay in practice that way.

I have found that the Ignatius Chapel on campus is a good place for Mass. I like the small size, the democratic nature, the obvious appreciation and understanding of everyone there, the quality of the leadership from the Jesuit community, and especially the liturgical music from Ken, who provides another entry on my very short list of times I have benefited from liturgical music. It reminds me of the UPIC community at Leuven, where I first discovered the Mass again.

Loyola has been like a warm blanket for me these days. My friends there look up to me, if only because they know me as an older-brother figure. It is an unchallenging environment in place and person, but perhaps that makes it a place where I can be dishonest with myself, so I am afraid to stay around much longer. I am grateful for me friends there, especially those who can kick my butt (Buddy, Alex, Diane, Kathleen, Shea, Judith, I think of all of you especially).

I am off to do some laundry, and maybe some tutoring, but certainly the laundry. Pictures will be forthcoming.


PS - Quinn is well, with printer, and convincing her flat-mates that she's not a vegetarian. First day of class is tomorrow, and she is anxious, so please think of her or pray or whatever it is you do to communicate your cosmic energy in a positive way to Soton.