Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Excitement

Quinn in Montenegro (third from left)

Hello All! Sorry for another slow update. But I have waited until we have any actual news to report, and now I do!

Quinn has submitted her thesis for review. We will know the results within the month - we assume very good marks. She returns to LA on October 20, spends a week there and in Berkeley with Reilly, then I join her on the 27th, and we drive back to New Orleans. Oh My - we actually have DATES!

In the meantime she has been busy - she finished her courses (successfully), composed her thesis, and found time to discover a Roman shipwreck off the coast of Montenegro. What? How much does Quinn Rock!

I have been much less interesting. I'm putting together an application for the PhD program Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, mostly just so I can feel theologically-productive. Besides that, intellectually, I've been reading a lot of Calvino (Cosmicomics anyone?) and Gram's favorite, Henri Nouwen. I've also replaced Catholic for Episcopal mass, over the various, impassible disputes I had with the Roman Church. Its kind of a big story (an we can talk about it, if you want). Besides that, I continue slinging bananas in my monkey suit at Brennan's, and occasionally as a Maitre D' - shifts that mostly just make me mad at the management and ownership, and I don't get to wear my cool bowtie or cufflinks.