Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some details!

1. We are registered at Macy's. Visit a Macy's store or and type in our names at the wedding registry page to access our wish list. We realize that our registry is limited and ask that anyone who wishes to stray from those options keeps our limited space in mind.

2. The celebration itself will be casual. The dress code is for a summer garden party. We respectfully request that guests refrain from wearing short-shorts(i.e. hot pants).

3. Please keep us informed of your arrival times in the L.A. area. We are trying to arrange a couple of sight-seeing adventures and gathering options and would love to have some numbers. We will post updates on itinerary here on the blog.

4. If you have any further questions, we ask that you put them in a comment to this post and we will answer them to suit individual needs.
Quinn and Andy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Info to Come

Hello Friends, Family, and Loved Ones Around the World!

We have exciting wedding plans to share with you - hotel info, events schedule, menu - but the USPS is too fast. Look here in the next week.

Use 'comment' to RSVP (they won't show up, but we'll get them - we promise).

Quinn and Andy

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter time

We have had a good, cold winter! Quinn and Jude are here in New Orleans (1442 Toledano, apt 3). Jude is being trained on the toilet - its weird, but we don't really have enough room for a normal litterbox. They've brought a lot of home to the apartment - furniture that helps us entertain guests, art, books, love. And a kitchen full of food and good smells! Now, after Christmas, we have lots of art on the walls - thanks Jessie!

It's very cold in the apartment. It doesn't have insulated floor, and its on the ground floor, so its hard to keep warm. Today we enjoyed the morning at Borders, sipping coffee and reading. A good day off!

Oh yeah, I work at Le Pavillon hotel now, as a waiter in the restaurant. It has big breakfast and lunch shifts. The customers are very nice, either local businessmen (its on Poydras, in the CBD, right off the streetcar line), or guests at the hotel, so you see a lot of the same faces every day. Everyone is extremely nice, and the management is exceptionally competent. There is a real, earnest sense of hospitality. Early mornings, but also early afternoons, I guess.

We're working on 'wedding' plans. Still thinking Los Angeles, and late July. But we're still just happy to be together, so we'll let you know dates when we have some (be patient!)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Excitement

Quinn in Montenegro (third from left)

Hello All! Sorry for another slow update. But I have waited until we have any actual news to report, and now I do!

Quinn has submitted her thesis for review. We will know the results within the month - we assume very good marks. She returns to LA on October 20, spends a week there and in Berkeley with Reilly, then I join her on the 27th, and we drive back to New Orleans. Oh My - we actually have DATES!

In the meantime she has been busy - she finished her courses (successfully), composed her thesis, and found time to discover a Roman shipwreck off the coast of Montenegro. What? How much does Quinn Rock!

I have been much less interesting. I'm putting together an application for the PhD program Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, mostly just so I can feel theologically-productive. Besides that, intellectually, I've been reading a lot of Calvino (Cosmicomics anyone?) and Gram's favorite, Henri Nouwen. I've also replaced Catholic for Episcopal mass, over the various, impassible disputes I had with the Roman Church. Its kind of a big story (an we can talk about it, if you want). Besides that, I continue slinging bananas in my monkey suit at Brennan's, and occasionally as a Maitre D' - shifts that mostly just make me mad at the management and ownership, and I don't get to wear my cool bowtie or cufflinks.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Lovin

Hello Summer! Hello Friends!

Quinn has traveled all over. At the moment she is between Southampton and family in London, laying low and working on her thesis. Her advisers have accepted her topic of study, New Orleans as a port city, studied for the first time as a physical/archeological interest rather than historical/cultural. Recently she visited Denmark, where she and her classmates mapped, rowed, and excavated big Viking ships! She also has direct knowledge of boat construction technology, and a few splinters to prove it.

She is returning to the US! She plans to be in New Orleans for the middle of August (the hottest month).

Then she's spending some time diving in the Adriatic off of Montenegro. Could life get any sexier for her?

I have temporarily settled. I now live in an apartment (at 1442 Toledano St, NOLA 70115), and I begin my upgraded job as Maitre D' at Brennan's on Monday. Both of those could very easily hold me for a while, so Gram can put out one of her holy candles.

So much happening this summer! Weddings galore - Cat and Cody, Gary and Megan, Emily and Grant. I am receiving visits from Dad and Patrick just this week upcoming, and from Mom and Gram sometime later this summer. Also, Elliot and Audrey are moving/moved to Baton Rouge, which has proven disastrous to my productivity.

And heck, we just got back from intensely fun bro time in the Northwest!

Life, in all, is very good right now. The countdown to together is in days, not months. Do wish well for us, as our mental health clock rolls over from 'jog' to 'sprint' for these last weeks.

Oh, and we usually talk about food...
Alfonso's, on Frenchman Street, does three course, real Italian dinners for a good budget. The staff is family - yours and the chef's - and the food is creative and legit. I had fish baked with a crazy-good spicy/tangy cream sauce (paprika and cayenne were there?), covered in shrimp and crawfish. This after a heaping portion of pasta with real Italian (ie, runny) marinara sauce, a B+ salad, and tasty garlicy bread. And good wine. And fun company - thanks to Amanda for dragging me out (she had fresh fettuccine with cream sauce and tons of baby clams).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Yes we are alive.

We are! Lets see...

I am still at Brennan's. Sadly, none of my job opportunities in February and March worked, even my really sure-shot. I don't know why, and I don't care to dwell on the future. Also, the Holy Cross college adjunct teaching/lecturing idea seems to be falling through because of budgetary shortfalls. I am going to Monroe to talk to teens about making decisions, so... yay? I guess, as has always been the case, I will be waiting for summer jobs to open up, playing chicken with Quinn's opportunities.

Which are not forthcoming. Southampton has not been as rigorously scheduled as one might expect, which leaves everyone in the dark about such basic calendars as 'graduation' and 'moving back from England'. In the meantime, the weather there is still miserable, if slightly less bone-chilling, and Quinn rocks! She got one of the highest scores ever recorded on one of her finals! And they are finally studying interesting things, like how and why boat construction dramatically changed between 1420 and 1520, and how the British Museum uses archaeology in its exhibits! Also she's thinking of cutting her hair!

New Orleans is magical this time of year. Every single day brings new festivals and fun things, and the weather is better every day. So much sun and green! The restaurant revels in luxury, and gives me plenty of free time to be generally awesome and happy.

These are some random pictures from sorta lately. Sorry to be so uninteresting after a year of excitement!

Quinn's new hair ideas?

Congratulations to Grant and Emily! I just got the 'Save the Date'!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Much New

Hello all! Not too much going on in either of our worlds. I am recovering from Mardi Gras (working, not partying) and excited to finish the interview process for a job as an Admissions Counselor at Loyola. Some good books, good friends, waiting tables, and an ongoing successful Vespers program all on my plate today. Also, my sister and new nephew are healthy and safe, back at home, after a rather ideal (if long) delivery and some typical causes for observation.

Quinn is just getting over a bad cold/flu/thing she picked up last week. It was especially insulting because she had just picked up her dive kit and was excited to use it at the pool, but had to sit out (although it seems she was in good company). Her classes continue, sometimes over-long, usually more interesting and rewarding than last semester. Heck, she gets to dive.

We should have some pictures of Quinn's new kit soon, I hope. Afraid I don't really have anything to photograph.