Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Much New

Hello all! Not too much going on in either of our worlds. I am recovering from Mardi Gras (working, not partying) and excited to finish the interview process for a job as an Admissions Counselor at Loyola. Some good books, good friends, waiting tables, and an ongoing successful Vespers program all on my plate today. Also, my sister and new nephew are healthy and safe, back at home, after a rather ideal (if long) delivery and some typical causes for observation.

Quinn is just getting over a bad cold/flu/thing she picked up last week. It was especially insulting because she had just picked up her dive kit and was excited to use it at the pool, but had to sit out (although it seems she was in good company). Her classes continue, sometimes over-long, usually more interesting and rewarding than last semester. Heck, she gets to dive.

We should have some pictures of Quinn's new kit soon, I hope. Afraid I don't really have anything to photograph.


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