Monday, March 29, 2010

Yes we are alive.

We are! Lets see...

I am still at Brennan's. Sadly, none of my job opportunities in February and March worked, even my really sure-shot. I don't know why, and I don't care to dwell on the future. Also, the Holy Cross college adjunct teaching/lecturing idea seems to be falling through because of budgetary shortfalls. I am going to Monroe to talk to teens about making decisions, so... yay? I guess, as has always been the case, I will be waiting for summer jobs to open up, playing chicken with Quinn's opportunities.

Which are not forthcoming. Southampton has not been as rigorously scheduled as one might expect, which leaves everyone in the dark about such basic calendars as 'graduation' and 'moving back from England'. In the meantime, the weather there is still miserable, if slightly less bone-chilling, and Quinn rocks! She got one of the highest scores ever recorded on one of her finals! And they are finally studying interesting things, like how and why boat construction dramatically changed between 1420 and 1520, and how the British Museum uses archaeology in its exhibits! Also she's thinking of cutting her hair!

New Orleans is magical this time of year. Every single day brings new festivals and fun things, and the weather is better every day. So much sun and green! The restaurant revels in luxury, and gives me plenty of free time to be generally awesome and happy.

These are some random pictures from sorta lately. Sorry to be so uninteresting after a year of excitement!

Quinn's new hair ideas?

Congratulations to Grant and Emily! I just got the 'Save the Date'!

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