Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Latest from all sides

Quinn and roommates in common kitchen
(...which one of these is not like the others?)

The not terribly exciting but nonetheless important part of sailing!

Quinn Saint Amand, Able-bodied Seaman (seaperson?)

What archeology looks like.

Quinn has been tres busy! Unfortunately, the projects and presentations she has been hyperventilating over (with great success, Ms. A-B student) are not terribly interesting. Her classes have been ranging from historiography -- the philosophy of history -- which is poke-out-eyes boring to her, or computer graphing skills , or Nordic and neolithic archaeology. Some cool things have come of them, like the powerpoint with maps that she drew, but it doesn't make her more excited about her field. There has been an, "Is this it?" moment.

Snow and cold rain. Southampton Starbucks. 'Nough said.

She is spending her rather brief vacation in London with her aunt Ana and uncle Adrian and cousin Evan and more-or-less-family Camilla, plus Denis and Noel are coming out around New Years. Fun times for all!

I have been putting in the hours at Brennans, where I am officially an 'egg slinger', working breakfast serving a dozen variations on Eggs Benedict for $50 per person. What is left of my soul goes to organizing a remarkably successful weekly Vespers at Loyola's Ignatius Chapel, with the help of Buddy Noel (private eye) and my new friend Ken Webber, who is the liturgical director/cantor/pianist there. I dig it, they dig it, about 20 people/week dig it. I'll see if I can attach the file for the program this week. I also have some prospects - a DRE job in Mississippi that I won't find out about until January, and possibly pushing into a last-minute opening in New Orleans schools that is last minute, ie, not known yet. So the usual wait-and-see for me.

I am spending Christmas here, but a number of days beforehand in Monroe, where Jessie and James will be resting all the way from Singapore! I will be very thankful and in the Christmas spirit to see them, and Mom and family. Then, after Christmas I am going to DC to see Dad, Kathy, and Patrick, who has grown into a handsome, tall, blond lady-killer (sound like anyone you know?). They are traveling up from San Salvador, and Dad will be doing a tour in Afghanistan soon, so I am extremely happy to see them.

Sorry we have been so remiss with this blog! My life is boring, and Quinn's life is also routine, which means lots of writing, so writing some more isn't fun. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Blog!


The new XI shirt - Saints colors!

Eray and Iain on the Fly.